Wordless Wednesday

Our first Wordless Wednesday post comes courtesy of photographer Jessica Mounts, owner of Prairie Portraits. We love Jessica’s use of natural light to bring out the natural beauty of the Sunflower State! Now if spring would only begin for real so we could go for a hike.

Jessica began taking portraits of her family, friends and pets in 1982, with a mint green Savoy box camera. Like her work? See more on Jessica’s Prairie Portraits blog.

ruby crowned kinglet

A shy ruby crowned kinglet bounced from branch to branch, peeking cautiously from behind leaves until he finally showed me his tail feathers.




Moving water has been a rare sight lately, so I enjoyed the chance to slow down my shutter speed and my hiking pace, while listening to the the water bubbling over smooth sandstone.



Sunset over Toronto Reservoir

Sunset over Toronto Reservoir in southeast Kansas, small oak trees silhouetted against the fading light.




We watched storm clouds grow, slept (and woke) through the sound of rain on the tent, and awoke to discover this spherical fungus, no bigger than a marble, growing on leaves littering the woodland floor.



Sunrise trees

Morning came early, and we set out again — the sunlight rising through the trees.


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