Wordless Wednesday: Signs of Fall

I love fall. No, I mean I REALLY love it. In March I gaze longingly at my pumpkin-colored sweater in the closet. I’ve been known to make apple crisp in August. So the end of September is my happy place.

How does your view change when the chill returns to the air? Blogger of the month Brenda Cohorn of Reflections from the Midwest obliged us with these images. I love that she included a monarch, because it’s not quite as traditional but still a common, gorgeous sight around here this time of year! (UPDATE: We got a few more shots from Karen Madorin of Prairie Tayles! Scroll to the end for hers.) — Erin O’Donnell, co-editor, Kansas Women Bloggers

Monarch by Brenda Cohorn

Mums by Brenda Cohorn

Pumpkins by Brenda Cohorn

Pumpkins by Brenda Cohorn

Photos above by Brenda Cohorn

Grain with Birds by Karen Madorin

Sunset and grain, by Karen Madorin

Photos above by Karen Madorin

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