Why I Choose to Stay Fit BEFORE January {Fitness in the Fall}


By Mindy Young, Blogger of the Month for November

Hello. My name is Mindy, and I’m an adrenaline addict.

This is why I choose to stay fit. I love the way I feel after any workout that gets my heart rate going. I’m truly addicted to the energy and adrenaline. It’s a part of me now and it will never go away.

Mindy Before

Mindy After

The results of my fitness plan last fall. Before: 2 months postpartum. After: at Christmas, 5 months postpartum.

But how easy it is to get pulled away from fitness. It’s so easy to put fitness at the bottom of your totem pole. Fall is ultimately the worst time of the year for distractions from your fitness goals: The family is together. Travel opportunities are abundant. There’s so much to do on the farm before Winter hits. It’s too cold. It gets dark so early now. And the best one I’ve heard: “I look great in layers!”

Despite the weather or my schedule, I choose to put fitness at the top of my daily life all year long. Many people jump on the fitness bandwagon to lose the holiday weight at the beginning of the year. And they jump right off within a few weeks. I admit there have been times in the fall where I would go for weeks without a daily workout. But, if you work out 2-3 times a week (every other day), this is so much better than blowing it off and saying; “I’ll start again in January.”

Here are the top 5 ways I keep fit in the fall:

      1. Outside work. Fall is the last opportunity to prepare your gardens and yard for spring. And it’s not too late as long as the ground is not yet frozen – which, in Kansas, it is not yet. Therefore, bundle up, get outside, and plant bulbs in the flower beds, put fertilizer on the garden, and get those leaves raked up before the REALLY cold weather hits.
        Farm Fit GirlFarm Fit Girl helping with the gardening.
      2. Exercises with TV. Too cold and windy to be outside? Try some great exercises in front of the TV. Watch my blog for the post about the best exercises to do in front of the TV and how to do them. Some examples are planks, burpees, mountain climbers, and pushups. If you don’t know how to do those moves, you can do a YouTube search for them and watch the moves there. Let the kids join in as well and have a contest – these are great fun for the family and people of any age can do them.
        Farm Fit GirlFarm Fit Girl “exercising” in front of the TV.
      3. Home workouts. My favorites include Jillian Michaels and Gilad Janklowicz, which can be found online as well as in stores. Or you can do what I did and borrow them from a friend 🙂 . Home workouts take a lot mental self-control. It’s kind of like taking an online course at your own pace. What’s nice about home workouts is that you can do them any time you want. That is also the downfall of them — the mindset that you can “do them any time you want.” It is best to get up early and complete the workout for the day because then you have it done and you won’t have an excuse later. Last fall, I had a 5-month old who was awake most of the night, and I would do my workout at 10 p.m. while she was taking a cat nap. You just have to work it in, and there is always time to do so. You just have to set your goals, make a plan, and do it!
      4. Group fitness classes. I am a huge proponent of group exercise classes because that is how my fitness journey began almost 10 years ago. I love the social aspect, the competitiveness, friendships made, and accountability it serves. The most popular group fitness classes include Zumba, water aerobics and yoga.
      5. Exercise outside. This is your last chance before winter really hits to get in some quality outdoor time. Usually, this time of year, I enjoy exercising outdoors. Running, walking, or biking is normally how I choose to raise my heart rate with an outdoor workout. Enjoy that outside time while you still can!
        Farm Fit GirlFarm Fit Girl playing in the snow in the bath tub last December.

Fitness goals can be achieved before January. But you have to WANT to. Fitness is a mind game. For me, it is an addiction and a lifestyle. Good luck with your fitness plans, and please feel free to ask me any questions you have. On the blog, I will have a segment on how to stay fit on the farm. Stay tuned!

How will you stay fit this fall?

Until next time,

Farm Fit Mama

About Mindy:
Mindy Young is a Rural Life and Wellness blogger from Northeast Kansas who has a passion for fitness, farming, and being a wife and mom. You can find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.