Trying to Squeeze Too Much Into Your Summer Schedule?

Our blogger of the month Greta Funk shares her desires to have a more easy-breezy summer than she did last year:

ivy mama

Spring seems to have arrived here in Northeast Kansas just in time for summer vacation. While I’m thoroughly enjoying the mid-70s sometimes-overcast-sometimes-sunny, just-enough-rain-to-keep-my-garden-happy weather, I’m daydreaming about the days when I can send my kids out in shorts and skirts or head to the aquatic center. Or, you know….open up the backyard pool.

While I wait (patiently, because to be honest? This glorious spring-like weather is fantastic for running), I’ve been thinking about our favorite things to do last summer and wondering if it’s possible to squeeze them in this year.

Last year, we took a stay-cation to Topeka. We stayed in a hotel only about 35 minutes from our house in the country, where there was a great indoor pool that we essentially had all to ourselves and a huge room in which the kids could run around and jump on the beds. We explored what the city had to offer us that we had never done before (like the Children’s Discovery Center).

Last year, we spent every lazy, sunny day lounging in the backyard pool. The kids brushed up on the skills they learned in swimming lessons, and we didn’t even have to leave the house. We hung up swimming suits in the bathroom and set aside the sunscreen for the next day.

This year, our pool still resembles a swamp from a winter of too many snowstorms and neglect.  We haven’t had a weekend trip yet, because our weeks have been full of camps and bible school already. But, we have two solid weeks of a wide open calendar before our next scheduled event, and I think 70 degrees will be just perfect for zoo outings or a few playground picnics. Don’t you think?

Last year, we jetted from grandparents’ houses to birthday parties to swimming lessons to bible school, with hardly a breath in between. This year, the breeze and clouds and my slightly less overzealous scheduling is allowing room to breathe and relax. And I’m soaking it in, even if I can’t quite soak up the sun yet.

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