Trotting for Your Turkey {Fitness in the Fall}


By Mindy Young, Blogger of the Month for November

Have you ever heard the phrase “sing for your supper?” Well, have you ever tried to “trot for your turkey?” Let me explain.

Turkey Trots are short races usually early on Thanksgiving morning. Before you “trot” away at the word “race,” I will tell you that you CAN walk, jog or run. AND they are not competitive races. They are fun and you can complete whatever distance you’d like. Organizers understand the fact that you either have to get home to cook or get on the road to your Thanksgiving meal destinations. The trot I plan to attend this year in Republic, Kansas, is a choice between 1 mile or 4 miles.

Turkey Trot flier

Here are FIVE reasons I love turkey trots and try to run every year:

5. Charity based. Most trots are free to participants. In fact, I’ve never seen advertisement for a trot or participated in a trot where you have to pay. But, you have to give. Most trot committees will have canned food drives or clothing drives for homeless shelters or food pantries. So, you and your family members just need to bring one thing to donate to whatever charity the trot is promoting.

4. The whole family can trot — including the dog! Bring your baby in a stroller and young kids. Bundle them up good and get active together. Remember: You can run or walk. Letting the kids run or walk with you will release some of that hard core energy they have so early in the morning.

3. Run or walk. If you are unable to run or you’re out of shape, don’t sweat it! 🙂 You can walk or do a walk/jog. Just be aware of your heart rate and breathing. It’s mostly about having fun and getting active before you go to eat a whole bunch of turkey.

2. Chilly fall. Call me crazy, but I adore exercising outdoors this time of year. The air is cool, the smell of wood burning in stoves is delightful, and the colors are simply beautiful. I usually dress in sweat pants or Under Armour pants, a T-shirt with a hoodie over the top and gloves.

1. Work out first, eat second. This is the No. 1 reason as to why I participate in a Turkey Trot each year on Thanksgiving morning. When you complete your turkey trot, you will indeed be “trotting for the turkey.” I love the feeling I get after I’ve run (or walked) four to five miles, worked up a sweat, and burned calories for the day. In fact, did you know that if you work out in the morning, you not only get energy, but you continue to burn calories throughout the day?

Mindy Young crosses the finish line
Mindy crosses the finish line in the Oklahoma Memorial Half Marathon in 2009.

Finding races in your area is not difficult. Check with your local fitness center or running club. Look for fliers or advertisements in the newspapers. I look forward to seeing pictures of all you Turkey Trotters on my Farm Fit Mama Facebook or Twitter pages. Visit my blog to check out my 2014 Turkey Trot experience as I will be participating in a brand new Turkey Trot this year! 🙂 Then, feel free to indulge in all of your Thanksgiving deliciousness! Enjoy your pie!

About Mindy:
Mindy Young is a farmer, mom, and fitness lover who lives in North Central Kansas. You can find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.