Tell Your Daughters Your Stories

My great aunt Mozelle (left) and my great-great grandma Patterson show there's more to being a woman than society might say.

 Photo: My great aunt Mozelle (left) and my great-great grandma Patterson show there’s more to being a woman than society might say.

“You come from a long line of strong women.”

More times than I can recall, I heard this reminder while growing up. Not from my mother or grandmother, but from my father. He would recount tales of my grandmother raising three very young children on her own after my grandfather died in World War II. The way she worked odd job after odd job to make ends meet, the way she grabbed a shotgun and ran after some men who’d harmed her children, and sadly, the way she refused to marry a man she fell in love with because it would mean losing military benefits for her children. She fought cancer, and won, fought cancer again, and then lost. How strong she must have been to endure all of these challenges.

But she wasn’t the only one I heard stories of. There were my two great aunts, Nora and Mozelle, my Aunt Betty, my own mother, her mother, and on and on. Throughout my childhood, I heard stories. This is one reason I just keep on blogging. Writing down stories so someday, my children will know what kind of cloth they’re cut from. I was shaped by these stories, and I want my daughters to have a similar experience.

And during this month of May, we’re celebrating Women Who Inspire Us. What better way than to tell their stories? Not only to us, but to others. Make sure you’re telling your daughters about the women in your life who’ve helped shape you. Maybe it’s your sister, your best friend, your fifth-grade teacher. Have you told her story? Will you?

We’d love to help you share her story here at Kansas Women Bloggers. Send us an email at kansaswomenbloggers AT, and let’s keep the storytelling circle going for future generations.


Cat Poland

3 thoughts on “Tell Your Daughters Your Stories

  1. bdtharp says:

    I love your blog. There are so many women who’ve inspired me for different reasons and in different ways. I love them all and miss many of them. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Nancy Dinell says:


    I’m glad you are telling the stories of the strong women in your family. are an inspiration for all of us.


  3. Erin Perry O'Donnell says:

    I think frontier and plains women naturally had to be stronger to survive. We’ve got a lot of creature comforts they didn’t have, but I hope that doesn’t wash away the feistiness we inherited from them. Thanks for introducing us to Nora and Mozelle!

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