A Timeless Friendship

In my last years as a single woman, I lived in a smallish, conservative Western Colorado town, where I made friends with the fiercest liberal feminist I’ve ever known. She drove a sports car, wrote an unflinching weekly newspaper column, and loved basketball. Her name was Henrietta Hay. She was 83 years old. I was [...]

Let Your Light Shine

Our May Blogger of the Month, Carol J. Martin, shares the story today of a woman who inspired her in a very short time. Last week, a good woman died. Jennifer Carothers was a beautiful, vibrant 26-year-old wife and mom. Hundreds of people lined up on Saturday to pay their respects to Jen's family. Many [...]

Tell Your Daughters Your Stories

 Photo: My great aunt Mozelle (left) and my great-great grandma Patterson show there's more to being a woman than society might say. "You come from a long line of strong women." More times than I can recall, I heard this reminder while growing up. Not from my mother or grandmother, but from my father. He would [...]