Visiting Your Own County {Staycation}

By Diana Staresinic-Deane, Unearthing Stories on the Prairie A few months ago, I started a new job: managing our local county history museum. For a local history junkie like myself, it’s a dream come true, and I feel giddy every time I start a shift in the 1888 two-story limestone depot-gone-museum. But I’ve discovered something interesting. Many [...]

Anywhere But Here {Have Suitcase, Will Travel}

By Carmen Chopp, Blogger of the Month for March This month’s theme, “Have Suitcase, Will Travel,” really resonated with me. When I saw the request for writers on Twitter, I knew. I felt it. That deep sense, a quiet calling, is the reason I volunteered to write this month. Behind the suburban housewife, work-at-home, yoga-pant wearing, soccer-mom [...]

Size Matters {Have Suitcase, Will Travel}

  By Carmen Chopp, Blogger of the Month for March I am obsessed with tiny spaces and have been for the past several years. Treehouses, yurts, those adorable tiny houses on wheels, converted old school buses, Manhattan micro-apartments. Something about shedding my chaotic life of stuff and downsizing to 150 square feet of space sounds [...]

No White Sneakers, Please

How to survive -- and enjoy -- your vacations in Europe Since today is a holiday for us Americans, we've turned the shop over to the Frenchwoman in our midst. Eleonore Bonne-Verfaillie is a Paris native and a freelance communication consultant working with the Cross Cultural Institute in Wichita. Her blog,, chronicles her discoveries of the [...]

Tour de Kansas

If you're more organized than I am -- and you probably are -- you may have a great summer vacation all mapped out. As the departure draws near, it's getting harder to concentrate. You've made checklists: stop the mail, board the dog, buy the tickets. That was me last year. My family spent a glorious [...]