Meet our July Blogger of the Month: MeLinda Schnyder

This month we welcome MeLinda Schnyder of NextDoorToNormal as the KSWB Blogger of the Month. MeLinda is a new blogger posting about life, travel & her pursuit of happiness as a married and childfree-by-choice Mizzou grad living in Kansas. She’s a freelance journalist and content creator based in Wichita. Here’s a little more about MeLinda. [...]

Worldless(ish) Wednesday: Summers are for Firsts

Photo from Melinda Via Schnyder of her first international solo trip and first time walking around (and leaning out from) a ledge on a 1,200-foot tall structure with no railing in Toronto this summer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cat Poland's daughters enjoy their first ever sno-cones. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Erin O'Donnell shares two of her summer firsts. 1) Summer 1976 [...]

5 Tips for Successful Family Road Trips

Hello there. Your (usually) friendly KWSB co-editor here, Cat. I recently took a  long road trip (from south-central Kansas to central Texas) with my husband and our two young daughters, ages two and four. Before we left, I decided I'd write a post about how the trip went, and it would either be what not [...]