Kansas Shine {Blogger of the Month}

By Natalie Olmsted, Blogger of the Month for July 2015 The political climate in Kansas these days is tumultuous, at best. There are days of frustration, anger, and disappointment as we fight amongst ourselves for what we believe is right, and struggle against our current government whom many feel have alienated the majority of Kansans. It’s very difficult [...]

Foodies and Farmers Connect at Zest and Zing 15

Kansas has long considered itself America's Breadbasket -- not to mention America's Meat Locker -- but many Americans have lost touch with the origins of their food. Rebuilding the bridge from farm to table is one goal of the Kansas Farm Bureau's annual Zest & Zing event, which connected foodies and farmers April 30 at Abode Venue in [...]

Snow Much Fun in Kansas

Most of Kansas saw snow this week.  Here’s the view from around the state, as our members see it: Sitting in the house with our families and watching the snow fall is pure happiness. Especially when it falls over the weekend and we can just sit back, enjoy, and take pictures of it.  We hope [...]

HOT, HOT, HOT Summer Activities

By Shelbi Gustafson, Blogger of the Month for July That July summer heat is definitely upon us, but don’t worry -- there’s still time to enjoy the summer before it’s over! Today I’m going to tell you about two of my favorite summer activities that are in the Wichita (and surrounding) area. If you’ve visited [...]

Visiting Your Own County {Staycation}

By Diana Staresinic-Deane, Unearthing Stories on the Prairie A few months ago, I started a new job: managing our local county history museum. For a local history junkie like myself, it’s a dream come true, and I feel giddy every time I start a shift in the 1888 two-story limestone depot-gone-museum. But I’ve discovered something interesting. Many [...]

What Can You Do on a Wichita Staycation?

By Carolyn Erickson, Blogger of the Month for June So far this month I've tried to avoid focusing too much on Wichita, because our whole state has wonderful places to explore that are perfect for a quick family getaway. But because I live here (and I blog about it), Wichita is the place I know best. [...]