Moscow Mule Monday {Hot, Hot, Hot}

By Shelbi Gustafson, Blogger of the Month for July What’s better in this hot July heat than sippin’ on a yummy, ice-cold drink? Especially if that ice-cold drink happens to be a Moscow Mule! If you’ve never heard of a Moscow Mule, don’t worry -- I hadn't heard of one or had one until earlier this [...]

Blueberry Limoncello Spritzer {Foodie Friday}

By Megan Brewer of Yumology If you're intimidated by Limoncello, don't be. It's a great way to add a dash of freshness to any summertime cocktail. In this case it pairs with frozen blueberries and bubbly carbonated water for a low-calorie sipper your summertime porch will love. You will need: 2 oz of Limoncello 2 [...]

Foodie Friday: A Last Lemony Hurrah

We know summer doesn't officially end until later in September. But in the good ol' U.S.A., we just get to Labor Day and call it good. As we come to this traditional end of summer, with traditionally hot August temps, we decided to turn our Foodie Friday attention to the ultimate cold summer drink: lemonade. [...]