Autumn Apple Crisp {Foodie Friday}

By Kayla Banzet, An Imperfect Prairie This past week I celebrated Friendsgiving with a close group of friends. Friendsgiving is just like Thanksgiving but instead of having a get together with family, it's when friends gather and celebrate the year of friendship and share what they are thankful for. During our Friendsgiving, one of the couples offered [...]

Molasses Cookies Part of a Culinary Heritage {Foodie Friday}

By Andrea Springer, Knitting Savant I love discovering new recipes. My Pinterest boards are a tribute to trendy food combinations, exotic handmade ravioli, and a million different ways to use herbs. However, as fall settles in I find myself digging into my tried and true recipes. I go back the comfort foods of my tribe [...]

Get Hooked on Puff Corn Candy {Foodie Friday}

By Dani Stone It’s officially fall, so naturally my taste buds are tingling for Honeycrisp apples with big honkin’ mounds of caramel, cinnamon-roasted almonds, anything with pumpkin in the recipe, and assorted candy corn flavors from our local Nifty Nuthouse. It’s also the time of year when the big holiday trifecta -- Hallo-Thanks-Mas -- starts [...]

Strawberry Sparkle Cake {Foodie Friday}

By Ashleigh Hett of Prairie Gal Cookin This cake turned out to be delish! It does take a little while to make, but with a little planning, it can be a snap and would make a great addition to any table. The “surprise” part of this cake comes when you cut into it and find [...]

Raspberry Ruffle Cupcakes {Foodie Friday}

Spring is finally, finally in the air, and to celebrate we present this extra-pink, extra-girly treat courtesy of Mama Dweeb, aka Annie Schultz. Indulge and enjoy! Make this a faster project by using a quality box mix for the cake. Doctor it up by replacing the oil with unsalted butter and adding an extra egg; [...]