Ultimate Christmas Cookie Guide {Foodie Friday}

By Nancy Dinell, Bead Charmer Girl I love Christmas Cookies! In my family, the holidays were deliciously laced with cookies. Homemade cookies baked in our kitchen. Every year a Saturday in early December was designated as our "Baking Day." Mom spent weeks gathering all the special baking ingredients for our Christmas cookies. There were sprinkles, [...]

Molasses Cookies Part of a Culinary Heritage {Foodie Friday}

By Andrea Springer, Knitting Savant I love discovering new recipes. My Pinterest boards are a tribute to trendy food combinations, exotic handmade ravioli, and a million different ways to use herbs. However, as fall settles in I find myself digging into my tried and true recipes. I go back the comfort foods of my tribe [...]

White Chocolate Drizzled Coconut Macaroons {Foodie Friday}

We asked one of our favorite foodies, Megan Brewer of Yumology, to whip up something special and sweet for you today! Remember to make it with love: Happy Valentine's Day, Yummies. If you're looking for a sweet and simple evening dessert, look no further! Yumology has some excellent options for your Valentine's Day meal. Be sure [...]

Join our Cookie Exchange Link-Up! {Foodie Friday}

Photo by DontBblu Have you ever been to a real cookie swap? Where you bring a few dozen of your favorite cookies and go home with a few dozen new ones? We'd love to do that here, but the sprinkles keep getting in our keyboard 🙂 So we're going with a recipe exchange today! Maybe [...]

Foodie Friday: Cookies in the Summer

Today's post comes from editor Cat Poland, who doesn't mind a messy kitchen after baking with four children. It was messy to begin with! When I think of pulling warm, gooey cookies out of the oven, I typically think of chilly, dreary days outside. But today, when I had a houseful of girls ages seven [...]