Blending Families and Traditions

By Jessie Voiers, December Blogger of the Month When my husband and I got married we brought six small children into our union. While we were madly in love, our children were not! Our marriage began from a place of love, but our children were actually entering this new blended family from a place of [...]

Lessons Learned With My Son

Today's guest post comes to us from Brenda Cohorn, who blogs at Reflections from the Midwest. She shares her story of lessons learned as a military mom in the years since September 11, 2001. Brenda says, "Blogging allows me to share about my life in the Midwest, about books I’ve read, and the struggles and [...]

5 Tips for Successful Family Road Trips

Hello there. Your (usually) friendly KWSB co-editor here, Cat. I recently took a  long road trip (from south-central Kansas to central Texas) with my husband and our two young daughters, ages two and four. Before we left, I decided I'd write a post about how the trip went, and it would either be what not [...]