Planted But Not Yet Blooming: An Editor’s Confession

(Image from Hi there. It's me, Cat. One of your co-editors. But you probably have no idea who I am, because I've been MIA. That's right. I've been slacking on my duties. Failing to find guest bloggers, failing to keep up with social media accounts. Failing. Failing. Failing. And I'm sorry. I really am. [...]

Meet our July Blogger of the Month: MeLinda Schnyder

This month we welcome MeLinda Schnyder of NextDoorToNormal as the KSWB Blogger of the Month. MeLinda is a new blogger posting about life, travel & her pursuit of happiness as a married and childfree-by-choice Mizzou grad living in Kansas. She’s a freelance journalist and content creator based in Wichita. Here’s a little more about MeLinda. [...]

Tell Your Daughters Your Stories

 Photo: My great aunt Mozelle (left) and my great-great grandma Patterson show there's more to being a woman than society might say. "You come from a long line of strong women." More times than I can recall, I heard this reminder while growing up. Not from my mother or grandmother, but from my father. He would [...]

Lonely No More

Blogger of the month Dani Stone offers insight on why finding your tribe online is so important.  A few weeks ago I wrote about my daughter’s battle with a rare brain disorder (HERE) and the isolation my husband and I felt after we received the diagnosis. At the time we didn’t have social media channels [...]