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One thought on “Sunday Link-Up

  1. mary devries says:

    Lately one of my teaching colleagues from another school has posted somewhat less than optimistic views on today’s student body. One indicated that he feels they are taught to still so well in the primary grades that they do not feel obligated to other than sit and stare in high school. In other words to not engage in actually earning the grade they hope to be given. A newer one said that he was having trouble getting students to care about the lesson and/or themselves and that some actually have said in so many words–just go on. I do not care. This is from a man who loves his profession and his instructional area. He if anyone could inspire students to learn.

    Now I am a bit luckier than that in my high school classes. I teach French. My students are for the most part individualistic—after all they chose French not Spanish. Though some will not go beyond year one the majority of those that do are most part self-starters who do not have to be pushed to learn. They are astounded of course one does not learn French and simply replace the English and even French has grammar( shudder here!) has rules. Still those who go on make my teaching productive and enjoyable.

    My College classes are different. There I teach required English. In every class there are those who do not do the work and more often those who pay for the class and texts but never come to class. AS they do not bother to officially drop, the “F” on the transcript can be no surprise. I wonder do they just get the grant money and then depart for party hardyville. These are mostly younger students; the non-trads who are older are always there. They make the teaching worthwhile.

    STILL THIS SEMESTER TWO EVENTS WRANKLE ME. Once I asked a student if she had trouble emailing her outside work in. She said: “nope. I just don’t do it unless it is done in class” What? Then last night I drove 30 Miles to teach basic English the first class after break. 7+ students in a four hour class. One student showed up and she was late. Needless to say I dismissed class and the boss can winch but it is useless to teach 1 student for four hours.
    Emailed the rest the assignment and we will move next week. The material will be on the final, but they can learn it on their own.

    So yes ,the fact that today we had over 100 students carrying at least one “f” at my high school bothers me. How do we make them care when cell phones, games, jobs etc. are more important than classwork. When mothers say “I can do nothing with him. Your turn” Yikes, if you do not do it at home, we can not create a work ethic here. Still there are those who do work, who do their level best, who want to learn. They make the days worthwhile. They are the answers to the negative questionings of colleagues. They are why I teach.

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