Summer Daydreaming in a Landlocked State of Mind

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June blogger of the month Greta Funk shares her dreams of water, glorious water, in a landlocked state. 

Every day, I open Facebook and Instagram, and I see them….pictures of hot pink pedicured toes by the pool, sparkling blue waves crashing against the golden sand of the beach. I see sunshine hitting the smooth tan legs of a mother who is watching her children splash in the cool chlorined water, buoyed by brand new, just-for-this-summer arm floaties.

I scroll through picture after picture of a summer spent in and by the water. Surrounded by concrete or sand, it doesn’t matter…it’s all refreshing and relaxing to those mothers and their children (okay, maybe not relaxing to all of the mothers, just the ones with older kids).

And then I roll out of bed and groggily make breakfast for a house full of children who will eat it while watching one of their favorite television episodes for the 37th time. Later, they might jump on the trampoline (if it’s not too hot) or play in the shaded sandbox while I make lunch and then dinner and break up arguments (or ignore them). I will read a book to the background noise of a toddler who is all boy, vrooming his various cars over my legs and the table, two girls playing pretend, showing me dress up outfit after dress up outfit, and an older boy who only occasionally comes downstairs to show me and tell me all about his newest Lego creation.

There will be pool time eventually, when my husband is home from traveling long enough to clean our small backyard pool up, or when I decide that it’s hot enough and I’m feeling brave enough to take my four to a public swimming hole. But seeing the beach and feeling the sand in our toes is unlikely for this landlocked Kansas family.

At least I know that I can always live vicariously through vacationers’ and east and west coasters’ photos. And maybe get a bright coral pedicure once in a while, so when we do brave the pool, I’ll be able to share my own sun-drenched picture with the world.

16 thoughts on “Summer Daydreaming in a Landlocked State of Mind

  1. Katie Sluiter says:

    Greta! Come visit me! I am practically on the Lake Michigan shore! We have GLORIOUS beaches here in West Michigan. Seriously. You need to come on up for some beach FUN.

    • Greta says:

      Oh, I wish I could, Katie!! And I’m pretty bad at geography, but Michigan seems a lot closer, than say….California. 😀

  2. Alison says:

    I know how you feel, now that we’re cooped up indoors. Seeing photos of outside and how folks are enjoying it, is making me even more stir crazy. I hope you get some pool time, whether it’s in the backyard or somewhere further out!

    • Greta says:

      Oh my gosh…I would live in the water if I was in Texas! But aren’t there days when it’s even too hot for a pool, unless it’s a huge public one? We did go to the pool last weekend, and it was fun…definitely a divide and conquer situation.

  3. Arnebya says:

    It’s hard sometimes, to deal with others’ lives. We try not to let their happiness and good fortune of a vacation affect us but it does, whether we’re landlocked or moneyinthepocketlocked. But you are thankful for what you have and you look forward to maybe getting some relief by way of cold water, even if it is in your backyard, so that’s good. What amazes me, though, absolutely amazes me, is how if we ask our kids they will say they’re having the best summer ever but WE see all the things we’re unable to do. They don’t.

    • Greta says:

      Isn’t that the truth! My kids would be so excited to go to a hotel 30 minutes away for the weekend. We did that last summer, as a staycation. I think they’re having a lot of fun, even if we haven’t done anything exciting or out of the ordinary in a month.

    • Greta says:

      Oh, it we ever actually get the water clean enough to swim in (don’t even get me started), it’ll be great. And really, it’s just one from Walmart. But man, is it a sanity saver sometimes.

    • Greta says:

      The blue skies and sunshine are very enticing, Jennie. That’s true! It’s really pretty here. Not always exciting, and definitely not “beachy,” but we make do. 🙂

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