Registration Now Open for Kansas Women Bloggers!

Less than a month ago, I posed a simple question to my Facebook friends, “Anyone aware of a Kansas bloggers conference?” My Oklahoma pal Heather Davis (of TMI mom fame), was the first to comment, followed by a direct message that led to a connection with Stephanie of The Women Bloggers (which started with Arkansas Women Bloggers). And you know what? As it just so happens, she was looking for a Kansas blogger to take the reigns as editor of Kansas Women Bloggers. That, my friends, is how connections happen online, and it’s exactly what we’re hoping to do with this brand-new resource for female bloggers in Kansas.

A simple Facebook post, led to a message, led to a phone call, and led to this website. Online connections rock!


So what is Kansas Women Bloggers? This is the gathering place to make friends with other Kansas women bloggers, share stories and experiences and be inspired! Our mission is to be a Kansas-based blogger community dedicated to growing women by gathering them into a common space with common objectives and by connecting and empowering them for the greater good.  In summary: Gather. Grow. Connect.

We’ll be seeking many guest bloggers, and will be following a monthly editorial calendar focused on a central theme. We think April’s theme is perfect for our brand-new group. April is all about Making the World A Better Place to Be and Blog. If you’ve been blogging for long, you probably already know how many wonderful connections be made online. So, if you’ve got a great story about how your blog has helped do just that, let us know! We’re accepting original guest submissions by email at kansaswomenbloggers AT

Join Kansas Women Bloggers today!

So, like what you’ve heard so far? Then join us today! Simply fill out this short registration form, and make sure to find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, too. (We’re still building up to sufficient activity on all of our social media channels, so bear with us during this phase.)

If you’re ready to better your blog, and help other local bloggers along the way, we hope you’ll Gather, Grow, and Connect with us!


Cat Poland
Editor, Kansas Women Bloggers

Erin O’Donnell
Editor, Kansas Women Bloggers

(Make sure you also check out our sister sites: Arkansas Women Bloggers and Oklahoma Women Bloggers)

11 thoughts on “Registration Now Open for Kansas Women Bloggers!

  1. Kate says:

    I have been following the Arkansas Women Bloggers for a while. I ha e not been actively keeping up my blog for the past couple of years. Would it be ok to use this group as a catalyst to get back to blogging? Or should I be quite established?

    • Cat Poland says:

      Kate, of course! This is a great way to get yourself up and going again! 🙂 We all struggle from time to time with maintaining our blog! You’re in good company.

  2. Shibani says:

    I have recently just joined the bloggers zone as I am new here in Kansas. I must have admit the blogs that I have read on this site are amazing and I cant wait to start blogging and getting active on this.

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