Real or Artificial: Which Tree is Right for You? {Tour of Trees}

BeFunky_null_7.jpgBy Kelley Nuttle, Blogger of the Month for December

I have never been one to have a real tree for Christmas. It was never my family’s tradition, and I certainly had no clue how to get one or take care of one when I was out on my own before I met my husband. So, plastic is was!

There’s nothing wrong with plastic. I think they look beautiful, and it is so convenient to have every year. I got my first real tree the year I moved to Kansas. We bought it from Home Depot, and I thought it was just magical! The smell of the pine was glorious, and it just made Christmas come more alive.

Last year was our first Christmas in our new house. The previous owners owned and operated a tree farm named Prairie Dell Pines for many years. They sold the land with the trees to another person before we bought the house. They still sell trees, but it’s not like it used to be, which is sort of sad. But with the drought last year, not many trees looked good enough to cut and decorate. We still went out there, in zero-degree weather while I was 3 months pregnant, to find our tree! I was so excited because I had never gone to a tree farm to pick out a tree, especially in hopes of making it a family tradition. After searching for a while (I am very indecisive) we found the one we would be dragging to our house! It was wide and not very full, but it still looked good to us.

2013 Tree Kelley Nuttle

This year, we had our son, and things have been very hectic, so we have yet to pick out a tree. We have contemplated buying a plastic one until our son is older, and then we can make it a family tradition to go hunt one down. For those of you who are also contemplating, I’ll give you a couple of pros and cons:

  • Real trees are beautiful, smell great, and are fun to pick out, but they’re very messy. You have to remember to water them often, and unless you are super careful while removing it from the room, you will have sharp blades left on the floor that hurt REALLY bad if you step on them. They are also sticky.
  • Plastic trees are convenient and pretty, and they save money in the long run. They don’t have the scent of a real tree, but they do make ornaments now that smell like pine. I haven’t tried them out yet though. If you have, you’ll have to let me know how well they work!

Which do you prefer? Have a great holiday, everyone!

About Kelley:

Kelley Nuttle is a stay-at-home mom from Western Kansas who has passion for family, making memories, taking photographs, traveling, and learning new things. She blogs at From Kansas With Love. Kelley grew up in northeastern Oklahoma and moved to Kansas after falling in love with her husband. They live in their dream home with a little bit of land, a neat old red barn, and room to grow their family. Kelley is looking forward to sharing her adventures of life in words and photographs, hoping to inspire everyone to enjoy the little things! You can follow Kelley on her Facebook page.

5 thoughts on “Real or Artificial: Which Tree is Right for You? {Tour of Trees}

  1. Average Jane says:

    I love the smell of a real tree, but not the hassle. Because our house is small, we have an artificial tree that’s tall and narrow to fit in an out-of-the-way corner of the living room. I haven’t put it up this year yet, but I should have time this weekend.

  2. Rae says:

    During my childhood my parents went to the trouble of getting real trees, but– now that my husband and I have children, we go with an artificial one. I feel slightly guilty…!

  3. Diana says:

    Real trees are pretty, but I have to admit it breaks my heart to chop down a perfectly healthy, happy tree for the sake of decorating. So we have an artificial tree.

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