Rallying for the Royals!

Royal madness has taken over here at Kansas Women Bloggers! We’ve waited 29 years for the Kansas City Royals to get back to the playoffs, let alone a World Series. And now they’re tied 1-1 with the San Francisco Giants in a Series that’s got even casual fans on the edge of their seats.

So we asked our members to share their true blue posts about what it’s like to #beroyal. Here’s what they’re saying:

Kauffman Stadium by Kim Fritzmeier

From Kim’s County Line: Bandwagon Fan? — “So, there I was, already on the bandwagon, when I read something that made me even more of a Royals fan. Despite all the crowns on the scoreboards and baseball caps, the Royals weren’t named for royalty.”


From Lori at Everyday Truth: The Small Moments Matter — “Tomorrow night as I sit in Row XX (yes, that’s almost the last row in the stadium) for the first game of the World Series, I’ll look at the seat next to me, see my dad and remember all those small moments of shared baseball that led us to this day.”

KC Fountain by Celeste Lindell

From Celeste LindellAverage Jane’s Team Spirit (or Lack Thereof) — “The Kansas City Royals are playing in the World Series and everyone around me is losing their minds about it.”

Amber at A Gentle Word

From Amber at A Gentle Word: Royals: Holding My Breath — “The Royals are tied late in the game. My children are sleeping … my mind slides into home … decades ago.”

Royals Watch Party

From Carolyn at Wichita on the Cheap: Free watch party at INTRUST Bank Arena! Doors open at 6 p.m.

Legoland KC

Has all this Royal talk sparked your interest in traveling to Kansas City? MeLinda at Next Door to Normal has a nice little stash of past posts that play up the city’s attractions. Check these out.

Have you posted about Royals mania or baseball? Share your link in the comments below!