New marriage, new city — new roles

By Jacqueline Bowser, August Blogger of the Month

new horizons

The secret is out: something is happening very soon and I’ll have to learn to bloom where I am {trans}planted.

I love to travel, and I want to see the world, but I blog a lot of talk. I mean, it’s all true! I want to experience new things, but only under the premise that I’ll be back in Wichita in less than 3 months. Is that so hard to ask?

I’m moving to Boston next month.

In fact, 10 days after my wedding. I’ve had a hard time coping with this definite decision, but it’s a decision that soon-to-be married couples eventually have to make. French fiancé (FF) has been offered a job in his field — a relief, as we all know with the current job market (he says it’s pretty terrible in France, too).

But it’s a blessing. His internship gave him satisfaction, so he accepted the full-time job. And I, now a partner in decision making, must abide my partner law — go where there is opportunity.

I’ve grown up here, I’ve made friends that are considered sisters. I’ve networked with professionals who truly are friends. My family is my life: mom, dad, sister, brother, and grandparents. How can I leave them? And, bonus, I know where the really good restaurants and bars are.

I’ve learned to bloom and flourish here. I’m comfortable, at ease, happy. But I guess I should look at it as a new chapter in my life with new roles to play. I’ve been daughter, sister, and girlfriend in Wichita. Now in Boston, I must learn to play wife, daughter, and sister.

I’ll be uprooted and transplanted, but eventually I’ll learn to bloom.

13 thoughts on “New marriage, new city — new roles

  1. Amy says:

    Boston is like my second home. I’m sure you’ll learn to love it! It was a tough decision when I had to leave Wichita, too. If you need any suggestions for bars & restaurants in Boston, I’ve got plenty of favorites!

  2. JoAnn Jordan says:

    Wish you much joy in your marriage. Enjoy exploring Boston. Having visited there, I know there is much to enjoy. And, I promise you are welcome back in Kansas.

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