Meet the KSWB Gals

Why do we always say #KSWB? ‘Cause we’re on the Twitter and that’s the hashtag for Kansas Women Bloggers! Join us!

If you find yourself with loads of spare time on your hands and would like to learn more about the Kansas Women Bloggers leadership team, fret no more: read on for a Q&A with each of the leading ladies…


Amanda Topinka – EditorMe

  • Born: Ark City, KS
  • Raised: After Ark City, my family and I moved to Warrensburg, MO for a few years and then we were transferred to Garden City, KS where my Dad ran a couple of theaters there. In 5th grade, my family moved to Andover after my Dad got transferred again and that’s where I graduated high school and stayed until I met my husband. In 2005, my husband and I bought our first home in Rose Hill, KS and that’s where we’ve been ever since.
  • Lineage: Polish and {registered} Cherokee Indian. OSIYO! Yes, I’ve been called everything from “mutt” to “Running Dummy”. And I answer to both. I’m proud of my heritage. I can make Runzas from scratch and weave a Dreamcatcher if you ask me to.
  • Education: I have a Communications Degree from Wichita State (GO SHOCKS!) and a Transcription Certificate as well. And I don’t do anything with either of them that makes me any money.
  • Family: I married my husband in 2006, had our first baby in 2007 and second kiddo in 2010. Two boys. My house is never clean and I’m up to my ears in dirt. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus I always have wine in my fridge but that’s beside the point.
  • Career: I work for the school district by day and I chauffer kiddos to soccer practices at night. I have 48 hours with of stuff to do but only 24 hrs to do it in.
  • Blogs: I’m preparing to relaunch and rebrand The Procrastinating Mommy – my personal blog. I also write for Traveling Mom as their Spontaneous Traveling Mom columnist.
  • On the Twitter: @Amanda_AKA_Mom
  • Facebook: Amanda Topinka
  • Instagram: @amanda_aka_mom     and       @kswomenbloggers
  • Email:   and

Long story Short: I’m a self-proclaimed Disnerd. I’m a flip-flop wearing, sock-loathing, wine-tasting, amateur picture taking, always traveling, small town girl. I’m a boymom and I cuss a lot. But I keep it classy y’all, I promise!

I love meeting new people and trying new things. Life is too short not to!


Erin O’Donnell – Co-EditorErin Perry O'Donnell

  • Born: Wichita, Kansas
  • Raised: Wichita, Kansas, and graduated from K-State. Then I lived in five states over the next 16 years. I met my husband in Colorado, we married in Arizona, had our first child in Las Vegas. When our son was 2, we decided to raise our family in the relative security of my native Midwest. We also missed trees and weather.
  • Lineage: Surprise: I’m not Irish. Not even a little bit. Just married a guy with an apostrophe in his name. My mother’s people were German wheat farmers. My dad had enough Polish that he could get away with the jokes. They were both lifelong Kansans, they had eight kids — last of all, me. My sibs all left home by the time I was a teenager, so I have the birth-order traits of both the baby and the only child. It’s all about me!
  • Educated: I may be one of the few members of Generation X to earn a college degree in just four years. It was in journalism. I thought I would be a newspaper reporter for life, but then the Internet happened. Thank God.
  • Hubs: We met when I was dating his roommate, and we couldn’t stand each other. So yes, we fulfilled a rom-com cliché when we met up by chance a year later, then finally started dating. We were married in 1999, laughing in the face of Y2K. We’ve been parents for a decade now, with one son and two daughters. They all look like him. He works in software and longs for us to live on a farm.
  • Day job: 60 percent mom, 40 percent freelance writer. No, wait. Make that 100 percent both, usually at the same time. My home office is whichever laptop-sized surface isn’t already taken by a) GoGurt b) homework or c) a child. Sometimes all three.
  • Blogs: I’m preparing to relaunch and rebrand as, but I’ve had for years. That is transitioning to become my professional portfolio.
  • Other passions: This the question I always dread, because it think it makes me sound exceedingly dull. I am not crafty, I don’t run, and I view cooking only as a means to eat. I write. I love movies, TV and music but my tastes aren’t mainstream: Chinatown. Argo. North by Northwest. Pretty in Pink. On TV: Breaking Bad (still), Mad Men, The Walking Dead and … Modern Family (you gotta lighten up sometimes). Music: Muse. The Black Keys. Ben Folds. John Hiatt. Things that make me happy: A good thunderstorm. Quiet at the end of the day, and giggles at the beginning. My son’s LEGO inventions. Boulevard beer. Red wine. Strong coffee. Tanya’s Soup Kitchen. Getting anything to grow in the dirt. Having my curly hair straightened. Colorado in the summer. Old friends.
  • Favorite author/books: My latest crush is Barbara Kingsolver. Her writing shifts my frame of mind off its foundation and I see everything in a new way. I read like a writer, so my favorite writers are the ones who make me jealous: Joan Didion and Gillian Flynn and even Steven King, because you identify with his characters by page two. Recent faves: In the Woods by Tana French and Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior. One I recommend to everybody: In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez.
  • Favorite blogs: Rants from Mommyland was my first love. Other than that I tend to rely on the Twitter, the Yeah Write linkup, and BlogHer for recommends. And of course, Mom on the Range.
  • Dream vacation: Europe by rail. Misty moors, baguettes by the Seine, all of it.
  • On the Twitter: @epodonnell
  • Where else to find her: I’m the webmaster and a board member for Wichita Professional Communicators, and I help admin their social media.
  • What to contact her about: I can answer your questions about WordPress, SEO and social media. I’m also prone to chat about parenting an ADHD child and the unbridled thrill of consignment shopping and selling.

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