Meet our July Blogger of the Month: Shelbi Gustafson

Shelbi Gustafson
Hey ya’ll, I’m so excited to be guest posting for Kansas Women Bloggers for the month of July on all things HOT, HOT, HOT, which is quite fitting for our current weather. I have some fun topics lined up to talk about here this month, and I hope you’ll join me.

I started blogging a few years ago on a different website after I went through some hard times. My sister was struggling with her health, and we had just lost my grandma unexpectedly, whom I was very close to. That blog was mainly about my faith, family, and life. Shortly after I got married in October 2013 to my handsome groom, I decided I wanted to design a new website that suited my new lifestyle! Since becoming a newlywed I have discovered a new way of living as a wife. It isn’t always easy, but it’s always a joy and a privilege to call myself a Mrs.

Shelbi and Isaac Gustafson

My blog, Everyday Mrs, spans a variety of topics such as fashion, life of a newlywed, home design, home renovations, cooking, and crafting!

Everyday Mrs

I couldn’t tell you about myself truly without introducing you to my husband. Say hello to Isaac, my handsome groom! Ever since God brought him into my life he has completely changed it. I’m so thankful for a hardworking, loving, Christian man to lead me and support me through life.

Isaac Gustafson

To find more out about me, my life and what I like to do, feel free to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!

About Shelbi:

Shelbi Gustafson blogs at Everyday Mrs from her home in Wichita. She’s a 20-something looking to tell the bloggin’ world all about her newlywed adventures and what it is to be an everyday mrs! She works full time at a Christian nonprofit organization, but her creative mind needed another outlet for those creative juices to flow! She’s a lover of all things mint, puppies, decorating, crafting, cooking, glitzy and fashion. You can often find Shelbi trying a new recipe, painting her house, watching Modern Family with the hubs, shopping with her mom & sister, and having Sunday family dinners.