Meet our January Blogger of the Month: Celeste Lindell

Celeste LindellEditor’s Note: We’re so pleased to have Average Jane herself, Celeste Lindell, serve as the KSWB Blogger of the Month for January. And we’re excited to see how she tackles our theme of the month: Start. But first, let’s get to know Celeste. — Erin

Hello fellow Kansans with two X chromosomes!

Where to start? Well, first of all, I’ve been blogging at Average Jane since February of 2004, so the blog will be ten years old soon. In that time, I’ve been very active with various blogging communities including BlogHer and BlogPaws, and I’ve been fortunate to make friends with lots of Kansas City area bloggers as well.

I don’t have any kids (and at this age, it’s not going to happen), but my husband and I have been married for almost 20 years and we always have a household full of spoiled pets. Right now it’s five cats and a dog, which is one pet over what we once considered our hard and fast limit.

My husband and I are both musicians. He’s a professional recording engineer and drummer. I sing in a classic rock band called Frisk, but it’s more of a paid hobby. We’ve only ever been in one band together and that was probably a one-time thing. My real job involves marketing and websites and zzzz … Rock singer! That’s the fun one.

 Frisk - Celeste Lindell

In spite of the whole band thing, I’m kind of nerdy, which is expressed these days in my choice of reading material, TV shows, and movies. Also, I belong to a couple of gaming groups that play science fiction and fantasy-themed role playing board games fairly regularly.

I love to cook and bake, so you’ll notice a lengthy sidebar of recipe links on my blog. Just last year I figured out that I have a significant sensitivity to dairy, so I’ve been experimenting with dairy-free and vegan recipes and recipe substitutions lately.

Finally, I spend some of my free time volunteering with The Animal Rescue Alliance (T.A.R.A.) and I belong to Soroptimist International of Kansas City, Missouri, which is part of an international community service organization that strives to improve the lives of women and girls.

I’m happy to get the opportunity to discover new Kansas bloggers.  I hope you enjoy whatever it is that I come up with this month in keeping with the theme: START.


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