Meet our December Blogger of the Month: Jessie Voiers

Jessie Voiers

All about me! Seriously, this post is all about me! That doesn’t happen very often. You see, I’m a mom to six kids under the age of 8, so the majority of the time everything is about them! We have a blended family. I brought my son, whom I adopted as a single mom, to our marriage, and my husband brought his five kids along for this wild ride! So now it’s just the eight of us! I spend a good deal of time making sandwiches, doing laundry, looking for ways to save money, and trying to figure out how I can go to the bathroom alone!

I have been blogging in some way since 2000. I started a blog just as a way to keep in touch with my family. However, I soon became obsessed with blogging and began making friends with bloggers from all over the country. Some of my blogging friends are the closest friends I have, and I can’t imagine not knowing them. I have blogged about every aspect of my life, from losing my mom to pancreatic cancer, to adopting my son as a single mama, to the courtship with my husband. Blogging has always been a great form of free therapy for me and a way to stay connected to others. I joke that I’ll go to any nursing home as long as they have free Wi-Fi. I can’t imagine not having a blog of some type.

In 2011, my house burnt down. Luckily my son and I weren’t at home, but we lost all of our possessions. As I stood in my driveway watching firemen chop holes in my roof, I started to laugh. I laughed because I knew in that moment that I had two choices. I could choose to be devastated and sad, or I could choose to laugh and find the joy in our new beginning. I made the choice to laugh, and that is how my recent blog Then I Laughed started. From the ashes of the fire, my son and I rebuilt our lives. We learned that stuff doesn’t really matter; we learned to trust that our needs would be met, and we learned that laughter really is the best medicine. Life is serious, but you don’t have to be.

As a result of the fire I met my husband, and we were married a year to the day of the house fire. Instead of standing in a driveway surrounded by smoke we committed ourselves to one another and our children in a beautiful and funny ceremony. I blog about our life, the struggles we face blending families, the challenges of parenting a child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and the crazy silliness that occurs in our home on a daily basis. While our life is still filled with very serious situations and needs, we continue to find the joy and the humor in everyday life.

I can’t wait to meet more Kansas bloggers and make new connections. Please come visit and get to know us all. Read along, comment, offer suggestions, and most of all laugh with us!

Editor’s Note: Our December theme is Traditions. If you’d like to contribute a guest post on our topic, visit our guidelines page and send one in!



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  1. Erin O says:

    Welcome, Jessie! You have such an incredible story. We’re looking forward to hearing what you have to share with us this month about Traditions.

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