Meet our Blogger of the Month: Nicole Small

Nicole Small

Hi! Wow! I have to say what a privilege it was to be asked to be the featured blogger this month. I hope I can meet the expectations set by those before me. I am terrible at talking about myself, so please ask questions!

I used to introduce myself as a farm wife, but a friend of mine introduced me as a farm wife and farmer. I guess a true introduction of me would be: I am a mom, farmer, rancher, farm wife, volunteer, short order cook, baker and blogger. I do work full time on our family farm with my husband. We raise wheat (of course, we are in Kansas), corn, soybeans, grain sorghum, and hay. We also have a bunch of cows that finished having babies in March.

Thanks to the encouragement of some very good friends a few years back, I started my blog as a way to show consumers how their food is raised on our farm and hopefully answer their burning questions.

Since I am a mom of two boys, I do cook and bake A LOT. I love finding new recipes, and I share many of our family’s favorite recipes on my blog, including some that my grandmother’s made.

Teaching kids about our farm is something I started whey my oldest was in Pre-K with a baby calf visiting the classroom. Now, I get farmers across America to share their farms with classrooms by giving Flat Aggie a tour of their farms. Kids and adults alike have learned about lima beans, popcorn, dairy cows, honey bees, pigs and much more in the past two school years. You can read the reports that have been presented to five classes in two states on the Flat Aggie page, and you can see sneak peeks of the Flat Aggie adventures on their own Flat Aggie Facebook page.

You can find out more about me on my blog Tales of A Kansas Farm Mom. If you would like to see snapshots of our day-to-day work, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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