Meet Naomi Shapiro, Blogger of the Month for February

Naomi Shapiro

Hi there! I’m Naomi. I grew up in Hawaii and spent my adult life in Texas, Washington state, and Memphis, Tennessee, before moving to Wichita a little more than a decade ago. My then-boyfriend, now-husband and I were expecting to spend a summer here with my parents before moving north, but it’s ended up being home.

I’ve been blogging at Superdumb Supervillain since I was expecting my second child in 2007. I started my blog as a way to share photos of my kids, Roo and Jasper, with far-flung family, but it kind of snowballed into a lifestyle/product review site and general repository for my meanderings. Superdumb Supervillain has introduced me to more opportunities than I ever imagined it would, and served as a catalyst for many online-turned-IRL friendships.

Over the years, I have gotten to travel and experience things I never would have been exposed to otherwise as a result of my blogging, like offroad test track driving at Ford, participating in the National Conference on Family Literacy, being a correspondent at the Red Robin Kids’ Cookoff, and visiting eBay and getting to film a video with Samantha Bee.

It’s been a lot of fun but my blog has also been a great way to learn about marketing and social media – the latter of which did not even exist when I was in school! My BFA was in graphic design but I was “just” a stay-at-home mom until my son started full-day preschool two years ago. My blog gave me a way to connect with the world outside my home and keep current on industry trends in media, communications, and design, so when it was time for me to go back to work, I was prepared.

2015 is just whizzing by — it’s so hard to believe it’s February already! This month’s theme for KSWB is “Adore,” and I think it means we should celebrate the things (and people) we love. Not in a cheesy Valentine’s Day kind of way, but in an all-encompassing, dedicated, almost overwhelming rush of positivity. Make it about you.

Theme song for February: “I Wanna Be Adored” by the Stone Roses

Naomi Shapiro spent years clerking at record stores, booking and managing bands, DJing and writing for magazines (The Austin Chronicle, The Rocket, Raygun, Fizz, Pop Culture Press, No Depression) and ran the indie record label Fluffer, whose main claim to fame was releasing the first 7″ record by Spoon. Naomi loves animals, music, and the printed word and collects bakelite jewelry, mid-century modern furniture and thrift store paintings (big eyes and orientalism), among way too many other things. Like shoes and obsolete technology. Typography, bright tights and baking rank high on her list of cool things. She lives in Kansas with her artist husband, two kids, six cats, basset hound, two frogs and a turtle.

Naomi recently left her position as Creative Content Director for Baseline Creative to become the Marketing Director of Yoder Smokers. She is a co-founder of Digital Wichita, Parents Group officer at her kids’ school, and a sustaining member of Junior League Wichita.

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