Meet May Blogger of the Month Carol J. Martin

Greetings fellow Kansas Women Bloggers!

I am the guardian of Female in Motion (, an encouragement/inspirational blog. Mom to two grownup women and adopted mom to five attention-starved cats, I am a veteran blogger and speaker. My faith simply wraps itself around everything I write and I consider it my mission to encourage women to seek God’s will for their lives. In my current circumstances, I am battling breast cancer, but choosing to be positive and radiate joy wherever I go. I am honored and humbled to be chosen May’s Blogger of the Month for Kansas Women Bloggers. Write on, blogger chicks!


 Carol may be battling breast cancer, but it doesn’t definer her, it’s just her current circumstance. 

Carol Martin

8 thoughts on “Meet May Blogger of the Month Carol J. Martin

  1. Andrea Springer says:

    Glad to be celebrating May with another breast cancer survivor, Carol. I’ll be celebrating 22 years cancer free in June. I’m grateful for the lessons learned and the life it continues to bring into focus.

  2. OneMommy says:

    I’m so excited for you! You definitely deserve it — and you do radiate joy, even through all the miles on the Internet!

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