Meet Lara Ketter, Blogger of the Month

Lara Ketter, KSWB Blogger of the Month Nov. 2015

Hello! My name is Lara, which rhymes with Sarah, although I answer to anything that starts with the L-sound – a common occurrence in the world of hard-to-pronounce names.

I’m not what you would call a “warm and fuzzy” writer. My writing is closer to “warped and funny” when it comes right down to it. I’m drawn to the amusing side of life, and I love to write about my experiences and observations here on the farm near the tiny town of Tipton, Kansas. My blog, Live-Laugh-Love-Lara, at, reflects my attitude that as long as you can laugh through it, you can live through it, too!

I’m excited for the opportunity to blog on the topic of “abundance” this month for Kansas Women Bloggers; November is my favorite month of the year, and not just because of the turkey and pumpkin pie. I saw a T-shirt on Pinterest that reads, “Get Your Fat Pants Ready,” with a huge drawing of a piece of pumpkin pie. That’s me.

I love autumn! I revel in pumpkins piled at farm stands, mountains of milo at the local elevators, homemade canned goods lining cellar shelves (at someone else’s house because I can’t can), and dinner tables filled to brimming with bowls and platters of everyone’s favorite foods, as families cram into tight spaces to share thankfulness, love, laughter, and the last drumstick.

I’ve been writing since high school and worked at my parents’ four small weekly newspapers for 20 years. I wrote news stories, advertisements, editorials, and humor columns. I write a quarterly humor column for Tipton’s newspaper, and I’ve written two memoirs – one about my 20-year headache and the other about my pageant experiences in the 1990s. Just this month I embarked on a new writing project, a series of children’s chapter books titled, “Marvelous Max,” based on my 8-year-old son whose name is … Max, of course.

To wrap up, here’s some unsolicited writing advice:

1) WRITE. There’s no other way around it. For years I dreamed of becoming a writer, but I wasn’t writing. Dreaming and doing are two entirely different things.

2) I’m in love with the website I check it frequently to find new words for the same old boring ones I’m repeatedly drawn to. is great, too.

3) No clue how to begin your writing project? Just start writing. I’m amazed how I’m able to work through writing problems by the simple process of actual writing. Even if I’m unsure where I’m headed, I write anyway and find my way there eventually.

4) Edit heavily. Ernest Hemingway said, “Get it down first, then get it right.” Write, write, write, even if you think it’s all crap. (And you will.) Take a break, return fresh and then edit, delete, change, rewrite. Be ruthless and fearless in your revisions. It will be worth it!

5) Did I mention that you need to actually write to be a writer? Get it?

I’m off to write some warm and fuzzy things about abundance. Think love, family, and generosity.

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  1. April Yap says:

    I like the “as long as you can laugh through it, you can live through it, too!” 🙂 well, I can say that this is really true! Anyways, thank you for your writing advice, they’re in my notes now. 😉

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