Meet KayLynn Stone, Blogger of the Month for April

KayLynn StoneSpring is here. Time to thaw out! I am always glad when winter is over and warmth returns. When I heard that April’s theme was Renew I thought that was a perfect theme for April. Flowers are coming up, new baby animals will be along shortly, and in essence it is when people start to refresh themselves. Spring cleaning happens, people start getting out more and becoming active again.

April brings on feelings of “kick starting” things for me. I know for most people that happens in January — not me. I hate winter! It’s spring when I start to look at things and change them — toss them out or revitalize things. This year that feeling has been more intense. I don’t know if it’s now because I am in my 40s or if it was just a “hey self, what the heck, it’s time to change things!” In that aspect Renew is the perfect theme for me, not just for April but for 2015.

I started spring this year with a move, a de-cluttering of my home space and making things a bit simpler. Other things on my list this year are looking at friendships, seeing what works, what needs fixing or honestly which ones just have run their course. I am saying goodbye to drama this year, to saying yes all the time, and to doing things I do not really want to do.

How will you Renew this month??

KayLynn has been blogging off and on since 2005 over at KayLynn’s Reality. She blogs about life in general — the good, the bad, the silly, and the ugly. One thing she won’t blog about is work. Since she doesn’t aim to be a blogger raking in millions, she does aim to stay employed!