Meet August Blogger of the Month Jacqueline Bowser

Meet your August Blogger of the Month, Jacqueline Bowser, who blogs at Customary Canary.


My blog started out as a school homework assignment for social media class while I attended Wichita State. I didn’t even think I would continue with it, but I thought it would be a great creative outlet. Now it’s about culture, including my personal experiences in a long distance relationship with my fiance, (but soon to be husband and soon to be near me, thank you U.S. Embassy!) to writing about interesting cultural quirks and customs, the French way of life and everything in between, whatever that means.


Jacqueline and her fiance.

I love to travel, experience new things and learn from others. I think that’s why I like culture so much. We’re all different and we all have something to share and learn. I learn something I find neat, experience something heartwarming and then I share it with my readers, stumblers and Twitter followers.
I’m a native to Wichita, too. I like to blog about that. I love this city, I love being around my family and I often hear people referring to Wichita as a “dump with nothing to do or see.” That’s when I tell them, it’s all how you perceive it and you’re not looking hard enough. Sure there are larger cities out there with more museums or landscape, but, it’s not just about the city – it’s about the people. the history, the community and the local flare. Wichita rules and out of all the places I’ve visited and lived, I’m always happy to return back home to my roots.
Jacqueline with her American and French families.
It’s communities like Kansas Women Bloggers that make me proud to be a Kansan. Thank you for letting me share my stories!
P.S. I’ve never had a proper anniversary party or blog post for my blog. It will be two years old on September 14. Happy Birthday blog!
Other fun things about me:
I like to take pretty pictures of the world.
I like to post funny things sometimes.
And I have a professional side.


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