Meet Andrea Merrigan, Blogger of the Month for May 2015

Andrea MerriganI’m Andrea, a Kansas girl who started blogging at A Modern Hippie over 12 years ago after I was married to my man in uniform. We met while I was living in Manhattan, finishing up my degree, and he was stationed at Fort Riley. I always loved a man in uniform (well, who doesn’t??), so not surprisingly I married one in a uniform!

I received a degree in Family Ministry/Social Work, but since we moved several times in our first few years of marriage I did not ever start a career in that field. Instead I worked in various office jobs before landing a job in insurance, and I have been in the insurance field for the last eight years. It has allowed me to have normal hours, so I have volunteered for several organizations. I served on a Relay for Life committee for four years, co-chaired a huge fundraising event through the military while stationed at Fort Rucker, and volunteered for numerous other events over the years. I might not work in the field I went to school for, but I am able to still use the things I learned to help and serve people in my community.

I have a big heart for people and always try to look for ways to help those less fortunate than myself. I jumped at the chance to be the blogger of the month when I saw the theme for May is generosity.

With all the pain and evil in our world, we need to outweigh it with generosity! I look forward to blogging about generosity this month and sharing ideas for each of us to live a life of generosity.

Andrea enjoys life as a military wife and spends her days working in the insurance field. In her free time she blogs at A Modern Hippie. She started blogging soon after she got married to her hubby 12 years ago. She blogs about eating real food, living naturally & chemical free, and their struggles with pregnancy loss and infertility. Her Etsy store and creating her own line of spices also keeps her busy. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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