Lessons Learned With My Son

Brenda CohornToday’s guest post comes to us from Brenda Cohorn, who blogs at Reflections from the Midwest. She shares her story of lessons learned as a military mom in the years since September 11, 2001. Brenda says, “Blogging allows me to share about my life in the Midwest, about books I’ve read, and the struggles and triumphs of a woman saved by grace. I am married to a wonderful Christian man who takes my breath away! Welcome to the world I love.”

When my oldest son, Tim, was getting ready to graduate from high school, he was considering the military, among other options. I gave him the pros and cons of his options but discouraged the military. This was in the ’90s.

His choice was to go to a vocational school and study autoCAD to become a draftsman. His final destination of this dream was to use these skills to attend a university and become an architect.

Then September 11, 2001, happened. Tim was employed as an autoCAD draftsman. His yearning for the military returned even stronger, and he decided to enlist. We gave him our blessing, and he married a few months before he left for U.S. Army basic training.

He became a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne and was very good at what he did – jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, which I didn’t understand at all! He was deployed to Afghanistan and to Iraq several times. He received several awards, including a Bronze Star.

He told me one time when he was home on leave that he was so glad he hadn’t enlisted right out of high school. He wouldn’t have been ready for all he had seen and done. He was glad he listened to me and decided to wait.

This was when he learned that his Mom is wise in some things.

While he was deployed, I learned to pray more than I had ever prayed. To trust God in a way I had never had to up until then. I also determined to NOT follow the news. It was too stressful for this Momma. I also learned from watching others that there are some things worse than death.

I can easily see the lessons learned by my son and the wisdom he has gained.

I especially see the lessons I learned in trusting God.

Our wonderful country? Have we learned? Are we better off than before 2001? Are we wiser? Do we trust in God? We learn from history; have we learned from our history of the past few years?

We can learn lessons easy or lessons hard — what has our history taught us that we are taking to heart?

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