How to Make the Most of BlogLovin {Blog Tips}

Erica Despain

February is the month of love, so we thought, what better time to talk BlogLovin? We asked KSWB member Erica DeSpain of to share her tips for making connections and growing your readership with this popular tool.

About a year ago one of my readers asked me a simple question that completely changed how I network as a blogger.

“Are you on BlogLovin’?”

I’d never heard of BlogLovin’, so I quickly Googled it and realized that I’d completely missed the boat on one of the best resources available to bloggers.

Whimsical September on BlogLovin is a website for readers to discover and follow their favorite blogs. Once a reader creates an account, he or she can search for new blogs to follow by name or by genre. Once a reader selects blogs to read, new posts from selected blogs will appear in a newsfeed format as they’re published.

As an avid blog reader, viewing news posts in a newsfeed format saves me so much time. Before BlogLovin’, I followed about 10 blogs and had to type in each of their web addresses daily to see if I was missing out on any new posts. With BlogLovin’ I easily follow many, many blogs simply by visiting one initial web address.

Whimsical September on BlogLovin

BlogLovin’ has also generated many new followers for my own blog and is currently one of my top three referring sources. My blogging community has grown immensely thanks to ease this form of social networking offers readers and bloggers alike.

Finally, BlogLovin’ has a feature for readers to bookmark favorite posts. Similar to Pinterest, this feature groups a reader’s saved posts into one easily accessible area for he or she to reference at a later time. I currently have many saved recipes and DIY projects that I can’t wait to dabble with, and I love that I’ll be able to reference the posts easily as soon as I’m ready.

Whimsical September on BlogLovin

Ready to check it out? You can get set up with a free account in a matter of minutes.

I’d love to hear from you and connect with you! You can follow me on BlogLovin’ by typing in “Whimsical September” or you can find directly at

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