Foodie Friday: Bush Brothers’ -Black Bean- Hummus Made Easy

MeBy Amanda Topinka, Editor, Kansas Women Bloggers


A note to all KSWB readers:  I was monetarily compensated to try out this product.  The compensation went towards the purchase of product and decor for a gathering I hosted for others to test out this product.  This in NO WAY influenced my opinion on this new product.  In fact, if you could see my pantry, you’d see I have purchased extra’s to keep on hand because I love this product so much!  And my hope, is that you’ll love it as much as I do!


When I mention the word hummus, what do you think of? More than likely you’re going to say the Mediterranean side dish made of Garbanzo beans.

Did you know there are actually other varieties you can make and try?  But making homemade hummus takes time and can be a nuisance to find the confusing ingredients.

What if I told you that you can now make HOMEMADE hummus in half the time and tastes just as fresh and delicious as any homemade hummus recipe out there? And the best part is… you can experiment with unique ingredients to make it even more flavorsome and nutritious!


Recently, I checked out the new product by Bush Brothers’ called, Hummus Made Easy and I am SOLD on it!  I bought the Black Bean Hummus pouch and ‘oh em gee’, it’s amazing! After we devoured it with chips, we used it as a spread on some wraps.

It’s SO incredibly easy to make too!

Grab a can of Bush Brothers’ Black Beans and a pouch of the Hummus Made Easy Black Bean dip and mix the two together. That’s all!  Easy peasy yummus {black bean} hummus!



If you’re looking for something different to serve as an appetizer during your next get together, check out the bean aisle in Wal-Mart and pick up a can of Bush Brothers’ beans and a pouch of their Hummus Made Easy.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed and neither will your guests!



Disclosure:  I would never have heard about or even tried this new product if it weren’t for the following companies/brands:  @KendalKingGroup, #Soapboxinfluence, The Women Bloggers, Bush Brothers’ Beans, and #HummusMadeEasy.  So thank you to all I just mentioned.  I am SOLD on this product!