Foodie Friday: A Gardening Lesson

Jennifer JonesToday we’re pleased to welcome Jennifer Jones of as our guest foodie! Find out more about Jennifer at the end of her post.

My calendar says April.  That means it is time to start the vegetable garden. I did just that this last weekend.

My husband tilled up the ground with his tractor and bought seeds from one of the numerous catalogs that we have gotten in the mail over the last couple of weeks.  The kids are always excited about what we put in the garden.  They each get to choose one thing to be in charge of growing.  In my creative “parent thinking” it gives them a chance to have some responsibility and get a glimpse into the hard work that it takes to see a project through from start to finish.

Last weekend was perfect planting weather.  The sunshine was beautiful.  The light breeze made it even better.  Absolute perfection.  It took my family and me a couple of hours to get all of the potatoes, onions and broccoli in the ground.  I’m still waiting on the tomatoes, peppers and strawberries to arrive from the seed company.  When we were done, we watered everything and took a step back to look at the hard work we had completed.  I was proud to think that in a few months we would be enjoying the fruits of our labor.  Fresh potatoes frying on the stove.  Sautéed broccoli and cheese to compliment a baked chicken dish.  Fresh salsa and pasta sauce all year around.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

I hope that our ongoing journey with the vegetable garden this year will make lifelong memories for my kids and instill the seed of a good work ethic within them.  I remember as a child digging potatoes until dark and snapping peas with my parents in their garage while watching spring thunderstorms roll in.  That’s one of those comfort memories that I seem to go back to when I think of my childhood.  It’s a sense of pride and accomplishment to provide for your family a basic need and knowledge that, in turn, will be able to be passed on to their children.  I think of it as providing for the future.

Every year I call my dad and have to ask him how far apart to plant my individual potatoes and rows. He’s always teaching and I’m always learning.  Gardening is hard work, but a lifelong lesson to benefit the future.  A simple way to make a difference and the world a better place to be in.

Jennifer JonesAbout JenniferI am a married to a wonderful man who has blessed me with the gift of motherhood  to four busy and awesome kiddos.  My background includes a degree in business administration and a minor in marketing.  I have many passions in life, but cooking is definitely at the top of my list. I’m a vegetable and herb “farmer” by day and blogger by night.  Life is always keeping me busy, but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.  The Lord has blessed me, and I am grateful. My blog is and on Twitter you can find me @mealplangirls.

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