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jessie-headshotBy Jessie Voiers, December Blogger of the Month

This week is Christmas! Talk about a week filled with traditions. Christmas Eve services at church, gift giving, making sugar cookies, of course more food than any of us need. Christmas is when so many of us embrace the traditions that fill our hearts with fond memories and good old-fashioned comfort. It will be a tradition-filled time for sure.


I love the traditions that surround holidays, but those aren’t my favorite traditions. Some of my favorite family traditions are the ones that are filled with humor that happen throughout the year. My parents had a great sense of humor, and they passed that on to us kids, and now my goal is to pass that on to my children. Laughter really is the best medicine, and I’m committed to living a life filled with laughter. So what kind of traditions induce laughter and encourage humor?

We had a Weeble (a small plastic toy, “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”) that became a family tradition. The Weeble was passed from family member to family member, and whenever you found the Weeble it was a sure sign that you were loved. Finals day in college I reached into my backpack to get a pen and found the Weeble. Instantly I laughed and all my nervousness faded; that Weeble calmed me and reminded me that it was just a test, not the end of the world. My sister found the Weeble in her bag several times when she had to travel, and our mom knew she would get homesick. That little Weeble became a tradition that taught us to laugh and not be so serious!

Laughter is known to calm people, improve health, and even help people bond. Creating traditions filled with humor and laughter can help your family. Laughter is choice. So often life is very serious, but we don’t have to be. Our parents are going to get ill, our children are going to have struggles, our checking account may sit at zero, and our homes may even burn down — serious situations will arise in our lives. By having traditions that encourage laughter we are preparing ourselves and our children for those serious situations. We are creating a healthy coping skill to confront whatever situation we are presented with. Laughter may not solve problems, but it can make problems manageable.

Today I encourage you to begin a tradition of laughter in your home! Buy a Weeble, create a silly family poem, or wear a mustache whenever you argue with your spouse. Think outside the box and find something humorous that works for your family. Laugh with your family! It’s my favorite tradition of all!

Jessie Voiers is the laughing lady behind the blog Then I Laughed. Jessie is mom to six, wife to one, and blogger to many. When Jessie isn’t trying to keep track of her kids she is sharing funny stories, advocating for adoption and special needs kids, and trying to save a buck or two. 



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  1. Stephanie @ From the Burbs to the Boonies says:

    I absolutely love that weeble story 🙂 What a cute tradition. My kiddo started a new tradition. He’s 8 and he declared the day before the day before Christmas to be called The Rise of Christmas and my husband, his step dad, dons an Elvis mask and, yes, Elvis visits us. It was so funny! Traditions, especially ones that make you laugh, are the best 🙂

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