Christmas Present and Future {Tour of Trees}

BeFunky_null_7.jpgBy Kelley Nuttle, Blogger of the Month for December

Hi there! This is my last post for “Tour of Trees.” It’s been great guest blogging and getting to talk to new bloggers!

I wanted to share with you the plans that my family has to transplant trees in the future. If you have any experience with this, please share!

Future Tree Row

This is our property line and it’s got some trees now but a few of them are dead and just stumps. Another thing to add to our spring list is to clean out the stumps. Our neighbor, who owns the tree farm, asked if we could swap water for some of his trees since the county wouldn’t supply him with rural water. We said yes, and so we are planning to line up this property line with those trees to gain some privacy.

Here’s another project area …

Tree Farm

That is our burn pile, which will eventually be gone. After that we plan on making that area a playground for our children. Have you created a custom play area for your children? If so, I would love to hear your advice and ideas!

I also wanted to share with you these awesome soaps that I found at Bath and Body Works (one of my addictions) that smell like trees! Winter is more feminine and the Fresh Balsam is more masculine that even the guys in your house will use it too.


The last thing I wanted to share are my decorations for this year. I have to be honest, I didn’t go all out like I usually do. I don’t know if it’s because Christmas sort of snuck up on me or because my son is moving around and teething right now so I really didn’t have the time to. I did at least put up two small artificial trees that I got on sale after Christmas last year at Home Depot and a few other pretty things.

Here’s the larger of the two with pre-lit branches. It was super easy to set up.

Christmas Tree

The smaller one is bare but I hung an ornament my sister made for me to use at our wedding reception. I keep it floating around the house because I love it so much! Behind it is the painting I did recently while attending a canvas class. I am no artist, so I thought it turned out pretty good!

Christmas Tree

Another item my sister gave me was this adorable Marine Toys for Tots – Christmas Village piece. I love it because of the cute bears, and my husband is a Marine veteran.

Christmas village

My sweet mother-in-law gave me this neat lamp that is tall, can be indoor or outdoor, blows snow and plays music!

Christmas lamp

One of the pre-lit garlands I have hanging around is on the mantel. It is very simple, and next year I hope to add a lot more to this area!

Christmas mantel

The last thing to share is my son’s first Christmas stocking made by my former supervisor. She calls him her “grandson”. She said that there were 80 pieces for her to sew so it took a while! It is very special and means a lot that she made that for him!

Christmas Stocking

Thank you all for reading, and I hope to hear from you! Have a happy and safe holiday season!

About Kelley:
Kelley Nuttle is a stay-at-home mom from Western Kansas who has passion for family, making memories, taking photographs, traveling, and learning new things. She blogs at From Kansas With Love. Kelley grew up in northeastern Oklahoma and moved to Kansas after falling in love with her husband. They live in their dream home with a little bit of land, a neat old red barn, and room to grow their family. Kelley is looking forward to sharing her adventures of life in words and photographs, hoping to inspire everyone to enjoy the little things! You can follow Kelley on her Facebook page.