Rallying for the Royals!

Royal madness has taken over here at Kansas Women Bloggers! We've waited 29 years for the Kansas City Royals to get back to the playoffs, let alone a World Series. And now they're tied 1-1 with the San Francisco Giants in a Series that's got even casual fans on the edge of their seats. So [...]

HOT, HOT, HOT Summer Activities

By Shelbi Gustafson, Blogger of the Month for July That July summer heat is definitely upon us, but don’t worry -- there’s still time to enjoy the summer before it’s over! Today I’m going to tell you about two of my favorite summer activities that are in the Wichita (and surrounding) area. If you’ve visited [...]

Visiting Your Own County {Staycation}

By Diana Staresinic-Deane, Unearthing Stories on the Prairie A few months ago, I started a new job: managing our local county history museum. For a local history junkie like myself, it’s a dream come true, and I feel giddy every time I start a shift in the 1888 two-story limestone depot-gone-museum. But I’ve discovered something interesting. Many [...]

What Can You Do on a Wichita Staycation?

By Carolyn Erickson, Blogger of the Month for June So far this month I've tried to avoid focusing too much on Wichita, because our whole state has wonderful places to explore that are perfect for a quick family getaway. But because I live here (and I blog about it), Wichita is the place I know best. [...]

An Open Invitation to the Kansas Sampler Festival

By Andrea Springer, The Knitting Savant One of the things I love about Kansas Women Bloggers is we’re a diverse group of individuals with wide-ranging interests. It’s difficult to put us in a common box. We’re not red or blue or purple or gold, we’re proudly “plaid,” and we like it that way. However, I’d [...]

Anywhere But Here {Have Suitcase, Will Travel}

By Carmen Chopp, Blogger of the Month for March This month’s theme, “Have Suitcase, Will Travel,” really resonated with me. When I saw the request for writers on Twitter, I knew. I felt it. That deep sense, a quiet calling, is the reason I volunteered to write this month. Behind the suburban housewife, work-at-home, yoga-pant wearing, soccer-mom [...]