Podcasting Tips for Bloggers

By Sarah Lawrence Hinson, Mom on a Spiritual Journey Podcasts as well as blogging: what are podcasts, anyway? If you haven't bumped into a podcast on the interwebs yet, it's media in the form of audio. Podcasts can be created from any material, really, just like a blog post or youtube video. Find a use [...]

Words Are Better Than Resolutions {Begin}

By Stephanie Confer Did you make a resolution this year? Are you still on track with that resolution? So many people make resolutions, only to quit less than a month into the new year. Not too great of a way to begin, feeling like you have failed at something so quickly. Enter the “Word of [...]

The Women Bloggers Partners with Kendal King Group’s Velocity

Press Release from Beth Stephens, Director of Strategic Marketing, Kendal King Group A few weeks ago, Kendal King Group quietly launched a new division of our company known as KKG Velocity.  We shared the news first in what may have seemed to our industry peers to be an unlikely setting: the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference held in Rogers, Ark., earlier this [...]

Visiting Your Own County {Staycation}

By Diana Staresinic-Deane, Unearthing Stories on the Prairie A few months ago, I started a new job: managing our local county history museum. For a local history junkie like myself, it’s a dream come true, and I feel giddy every time I start a shift in the 1888 two-story limestone depot-gone-museum. But I’ve discovered something interesting. Many [...]

An Open Invitation to the Kansas Sampler Festival

By Andrea Springer, The Knitting Savant One of the things I love about Kansas Women Bloggers is we’re a diverse group of individuals with wide-ranging interests. It’s difficult to put us in a common box. We’re not red or blue or purple or gold, we’re proudly “plaid,” and we like it that way. However, I’d [...]

The View From Abundance {Gratitude}

Today Andrea Springer of The Knitting Savant is guest blogging for us on our November theme, gratitude, and how her perspective shifted "from lack to abundance." My friend Patsy posted this question on her Facebook feed today: “What do you think about before falling asleep at night?” It was easy to answer. The end of [...]

Gratitude is Best Learned

Today Blogger Sandy Keathley of Sandyisms shares this post with us on our November theme, gratitude. As soon as the brisk, cooler air hits the leaves on the trees they start turning to gold, yellow, and red and my flowers bloom; I am ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas to come. I have always loved holidays, [...]