What’s New in the Field? {Grow Your Garden}

By Nicole Small, Blogger of the Month for May (Editor's note: This post was supposed to run on Monday but got waylaid by technical difficulties. Sorry for the delay, Nicole!) Last week, I spent a a few days listening to speakers at the Alltech Symposium. They talked about how we need to look differently at [...]

Foodie Friday: A Gardening Lesson

Today we're pleased to welcome Jennifer Jones of MealPlanGirls.com as our guest foodie! Find out more about Jennifer at the end of her post. My calendar says April.  That means it is time to start the vegetable garden. I did just that this last weekend. My husband tilled up the ground with his tractor and [...]

Save water and money: plant a rain garden

I have buried a TON of money in my yard. Sorry, treasure hunters, you won’t find it with a shovel. There’s almost no evidence left. Because I’m talking about the money I spent and lost on plants and grass seed that withered and died in this Kansas drought, compounded by our lack of proper gardening [...]