Raw Berry Crisp {Foodie Friday}

By Amanda Topinka, Co-Editor, Kansas Women Bloggers / Whole Foods Ambassador The sweet summer sun makes for even sweeter summer recipes -- and this one from Whole Foods is ohhh so berry sweet!  And best of all, it doesn’t require an oven!  I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did. INGREDIENTS: 6 [...]

Ultimate Christmas Cookie Guide {Foodie Friday}

By Nancy Dinell, Bead Charmer Girl I love Christmas Cookies! In my family, the holidays were deliciously laced with cookies. Homemade cookies baked in our kitchen. Every year a Saturday in early December was designated as our "Baking Day." Mom spent weeks gathering all the special baking ingredients for our Christmas cookies. There were sprinkles, [...]

Autumn Apple Crisp {Foodie Friday}

By Kayla Banzet, An Imperfect Prairie This past week I celebrated Friendsgiving with a close group of friends. Friendsgiving is just like Thanksgiving but instead of having a get together with family, it's when friends gather and celebrate the year of friendship and share what they are thankful for. During our Friendsgiving, one of the couples offered [...]

Molasses Cookies Part of a Culinary Heritage {Foodie Friday}

By Andrea Springer, Knitting Savant I love discovering new recipes. My Pinterest boards are a tribute to trendy food combinations, exotic handmade ravioli, and a million different ways to use herbs. However, as fall settles in I find myself digging into my tried and true recipes. I go back the comfort foods of my tribe [...]

Get Hooked on Puff Corn Candy {Foodie Friday}

By Dani Stone It’s officially fall, so naturally my taste buds are tingling for Honeycrisp apples with big honkin’ mounds of caramel, cinnamon-roasted almonds, anything with pumpkin in the recipe, and assorted candy corn flavors from our local Nifty Nuthouse. It’s also the time of year when the big holiday trifecta -- Hallo-Thanks-Mas -- starts [...]

Chopped Salad Your Way {Foodie Friday}

By Erin O'Donnell, Editor, Kansas Women Bloggers Getting my family to eat salad is a chore. They look at a bowl of leafy greens as if it were yard waste. My husband, who endures salad more than he enjoys it, got braces this year. They have altered his bite, making it nearly impossible for him to [...]

Strawberry Sparkle Cake {Foodie Friday}

By Ashleigh Hett of Prairie Gal Cookin This cake turned out to be delish! It does take a little while to make, but with a little planning, it can be a snap and would make a great addition to any table. The “surprise” part of this cake comes when you cut into it and find [...]