Snow Much Fun in Kansas

Most of Kansas saw snow this week.  Here’s the view from around the state, as our members see it: Sitting in the house with our families and watching the snow fall is pure happiness. Especially when it falls over the weekend and we can just sit back, enjoy, and take pictures of it.  We hope [...]

Molasses Cookies Part of a Culinary Heritage {Foodie Friday}

By Andrea Springer, Knitting Savant I love discovering new recipes. My Pinterest boards are a tribute to trendy food combinations, exotic handmade ravioli, and a million different ways to use herbs. However, as fall settles in I find myself digging into my tried and true recipes. I go back the comfort foods of my tribe [...]

Share the Music of Your Life {Back in My Day}

By JoAnn Jordan, Blogger of the Month for September In the “About Me” post, you learned I am a music therapist working in senior living communities. When someone moves into a senior living community (a.k.a. skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers) they receive an assortment of assessments. The activity assessment often includes a couple questions [...]

Opening the Album {Back in My Day}

By JoAnn Jordan, Blogger of the Month for September "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." – Albert Einstein As I open photo albums and think back to my childhood in the 1960’s and 70’s, I am filled with memories -- some good, some so-so, and some bad. I’ve made a choice in life to [...]