Podcasting Tips for Bloggers

By Sarah Lawrence Hinson, Mom on a Spiritual Journey Podcasts as well as blogging: what are podcasts, anyway? If you haven't bumped into a podcast on the interwebs yet, it's media in the form of audio. Podcasts can be created from any material, really, just like a blog post or youtube video. Find a use [...]

An Open Invitation to the Kansas Sampler Festival

By Andrea Springer, The Knitting Savant One of the things I love about Kansas Women Bloggers is we’re a diverse group of individuals with wide-ranging interests. It’s difficult to put us in a common box. We’re not red or blue or purple or gold, we’re proudly “plaid,” and we like it that way. However, I’d [...]

How to Pitch the Right Way

By Desiree Morris, Blogger of the Month for April When I started to get my feet wet reviewing products for my blog, I thought it was absolutely necessary to write a drawn-out "pitch" e-mail (known as a pitch letter) to different contacts. Those long pitch letters are a common misconception in the blogosphere. They aren't [...]

This one time at Bloggy Boot Camp …

Today our July Blogger of the Month, MeLinda Schnyder, shares her experience at Bloggy Boot Camp in Texas. This is my third installment as July’s Blogger of the Month here on Kansas Women Bloggers and it’s my third post about blogging workshops. Hmmm. I fear I’m going to be typecast! I promise I really do [...]