Blogger of the Month for September: JoAnn Jordan

JoAnn Jordan, Blogger of the Month for September 2014
Hopefully you have had the opportunity to hear a “back in my day” story from a grandparent or a parent. While some likely made you roll your eyes (I walked 3 miles uphill to school) others likely made you smile (Did I ever tell you about how I used to sneak out of the house as a teen?).

When properly framed, stories from the past can, in the words of Albert Einstein, allow us to: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”

My name is JoAnn Jordan. It is my privilege to be the September 2014 BOTM with a focus on “Back in My Day.” This focus fits me in three ways:

  1. I’m a boomer. So, I have lots of “back in my day” stories to share.
  2. I am a music therapist working in senior living communities. I am privileged to hear a lot of “back in my day” stories and songs.
  3. I have a passion for intergenerational music groups. Connecting the past with the future is powerful stuff.

In a lot of ways, my blog, Music Sparks, had its beginnings as a “back in my day” story. Beginning in 2009 it was a way to house and to share my now 30+ years of music therapy session plans for preschoolers, older adults and intergenerational groups. Over time, it has expanded to include ideas people can use in their homes and with their families.

Here’s a little about my yesterday and today.

Growing up, my parents surrounded our family in music and in faith.  Family sing-alongs were the norm, especially in the car.  There was rarely a point of quiet in the house with all of us practicing and just being normal, noisy kids. As my father was a Lutheran pastor, I grew up thinking of church as “home” as we moved from parish to parish.

Moving and meeting people has continued as a way of life. My husband and I have moved back and forth several times between the Midwest and Florida. We’ve been blessed to call Hays, Kansas, home for over 12 years – the longest I’ve lived in one community.

Moving has allowed me to have friends across the U.S. Music has been the connective tissue of many of those relationships.

The Internet has allowed me to more easily remain in contact with friends while making many more connections — among them Kansas Women Bloggers. 

I look forward to this month of sharing the past with you. You will be introduced to some music ideas to try. With a little luck, they will assist us as we strive to live for today and hope for the future.

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