An Open Invitation to the Kansas Sampler Festival

Andrea SpringerBy Andrea Springer, The Knitting Savant

One of the things I love about Kansas Women Bloggers is we’re a diverse group of individuals with wide-ranging interests. It’s difficult to put us in a common box. We’re not red or blue or purple or gold, we’re proudly “plaid,” and we like it that way.

However, I’d venture a guess and say that we’ve all had times we needed to dig deep to find topics to write about. We love our state, we’re passionate about our interests, but our compass may need reorienting. If this situation is currently staring you in the face, I want to share about an upcoming event that may be the exact right thing to start your creative juices flowing. It’s a festival about Kansas where the inspiration and ideas are so plentiful it’s a like shooting fish in a barrel. Oh, and it’s fun, too.

The 25th annual Kansas Sampler Festival will be Saturday, May 3, and Sunday, May 4, in the Wamego City Park in Wamego, Kansas. The festival is designed to “provide the public a sample of things to see, do, hear, taste, buy, and learn in Kansas.” Would you like to learn more about tourist attractions around the state? Let different regions show you what they have to offer visitors in the dozens of tents around the park. Do you blog about food? Dive into the delicious offerings from one of the eighteen local food vendors. Are you a fan of handcrafts? You can find artisan treasures for sale throughout the grounds. History, live music, herds of pack goats there for the petting – the Kansas Sampler Festival has it all!

The Kansas Sampler Foundation, the nonprofit that oversees the festival, works to insure that every exhibit, performer, service provider, and food vendor is from our Sunflower State. The two-day event is hosted by different communities for two years at a time. Wamego is the smallest town ever to serve as a festival host, and it’s pulling out all of the stops to make sure exhibitors and attendees have a great time. If you’ve never traveled to Wamego before, make sure you stop a while and see the great things their community has to offer as well.

As a member of the Kansas Sampler Foundation Board of Directors, I scored an advance copy of the Festival Guide. You can see from the photo that it’s already been well read!

Kansas Sampler Festival

I’ve been a huge fan of this event for many years prior to my board service. I love seeing the goodness of Kansas on display in a rural community for the world to see and experience, and I love it for helping me to see the state where I live in new ways. Kansas is fascinating, exciting, and diverse – just like Kansas Women Bloggers. Come up and see us this year. Find something that inspires you. You have an open invitation!

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