Amanda Topinka – Meet the Editor!

Everybody always wonders who the face behind the website is.  Well I’m new over here {somewhat} and can’t wait to get to know you!  We’ll try to get some of our bloggers on here as well!


Name: Amanda Topinka

Born: Ark City, KS

Raised: After Ark City, my family and I moved to Warrensburg, MO for a few years and then we were transferred to Garden City, KS where my Dad ran a couple of theaters there. In 5th grade, my family moved to Andover after my Dad got transferred again and that’s where I graduated high school and stayed until I met my husband. In 2005, my husband and I bought our first home and that’s where we’ve been ever since.

Lineage: Polish and {registered} Cherokee Indian. OSIYO! Yes, I’ve been called everything from “mutt” to “Running Dummy”. And I answer to both. I’m proud of my heritage. I can make Runzas from scratch and weave a Dreamcatcher if you ask me to.

Education: I have a Communications Degree from Wichita State (GO SHOCKS!) and a Transcription Certificate as well. And I don’t do anything with either of them that makes me any money.

Family: I married my husband in 2006, had our first baby in 2007 and second kiddo in 2010. Two boys. Yep – My house is never clean and I’m up to my ears in dirt. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus I always have wine in my fridge but that’s beside the point.

Career: I work for a school district by day and I chauffeur kiddos to soccer practices at night. I have 48 hours with of stuff to do but only 24 hrs to do it in.

Blogs: I’m preparing to relaunch and rebrand The Procrastinating Mommy – my personal blog. I also write for Traveling Mom as their Spontaneous Traveling Mom columnist.

On the Twitter: Amanda Topinka – @Amanda_AKA_Mom

Facebook: Amanda Topinka

Instagram: Amanda Topinka @amanda_aka_mom     and       @kswomenbloggers

Email:     and


Long story Short: I’m a self-proclaimed Disnerd. I’m a flip-flop wearing, sock-loathing, wine-tasting, amateur picture taking, always traveling, small town girl. I’m a boymom and I cuss a lot. But I keep it classy y’all, I promise!

I love meeting new people and trying new things. Life is too short not to!