A sweet addition to a multicultural wedding

Today our blogger of the month, Jacqueline Bowser, gives us a glimpse into the ups and downs of incorporating two cultures into one wedding.

The fun part of this wedding planning process is the comparison between American and French marriages. The hard part is trying to decide which customs to incorporate into our very American wedding.

FF’s (French fiance’s) grandmother purchased some favors that are typiquement francaise and will make a great addition to the tables and are a beautiful incorporation of French culture. Merci, Grandmere!


These cute little favors are actually Jordan almonds that you can purchase by the kilo and in a variety of colors. The colors pictured here are light yellow and white, and we’ll be using them on our wedding day at the reception.

I suppose they would be normally referred to as bons bons, as most candy is. But for a special event, especially a marriage, these little nuggets are called dragees. They are little confectioneries that add sweet elegance to an event. They’re bundled up in pretty fabric, and they taste good.

She’s bringing them all the way across the sea for us to enjoy. But unfortunately, she can’t bring any of that fine, delicious French cheese–it’s illegal to transport and too risky. So we’ll be dining on Brie, Camembert and Chevre from our lovely local Dillons. Bummer.

French cheeses

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  1. Lisa Bowser says:

    It was a beautiful cross-cultural wedding shared by special friends and family! Many memories were made that were carried across miles and an ocean by those in attendance.

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