6 Ideas for Quick Kansas Getaways {Staycation}

Carolyn EricksonBy Carolyn Erickson, Blogger of the Month for June

What do you look for in a vacation? For me, it’s an opportunity to unplug and step away from the grindstone. Like, really step away — not just physically, but mentally too.

(I can ruin a great vacation for myself just by not letting go of work.)

But getting in the right frame of mind can happen anywhere. Even at home!

Here are some of the ways my family has “stay-cationed” in the past:

  1. We rented a cabin at a Kansas State Park. These are really affordable, and it’s my favorite way to camp! (Indoor plumbing and A/C is the way to go.)
  2. One year we stayed overnight in Independence, Kansas. On one day we visited the Little House on the Prairie site, and the next day we played in the hotel pool.RV Camping: Travel Kansas
  3. Since we don’t have an RV, we rented one and had it set up at Wilson Lake. This was great — it was hooked up and ready for us when we got there.
  4. Another great spot for camping is Fall River, in the Corps of Engineers park. We did the tent thing, but it was fun because we went with a whole bunch of friends. Highly recommended! (If you find that you’ve forgotten something, one of your friends is likely to have it.)Cowtown: Travel KS
  5. One year when a hotel and camping weren’t an option, we stayed in our own home, but we made a point to stay gone all day, doing fun things we usually don’t make time to do. It was only a day-long adventure, but I’m determined that we’re going to do it again some year.
  6. On another trip, we traveled north toward Topeka to visit friends and stopped to see the sights along the way. Our hotel was modest and affordable, but it had a pool and good restaurants nearby.Kansas Roadway Signage

Photos courtesy of Travel Kansas.

Because I’m always on the lookout for a bargain, discovering vacation ideas that are also affordable makes me happy. All of these were affordable, fairly easy, and memorable. But I’ll bet that you know of many more great places to visit in Kansas. My family is always saying we should explore the state — where would you recommend we go next time?

About Carolyn:
Carolyn Erickson blogs at Wichita on the Cheap from her home in Wichita, Kansas. She is also an adjunct instructor at Butler Community College, a WordPress instructor for Pixel Time, and a consultant for a national blogging network. She’s the mom of a teenager, stepmom (not wicked) to two grown boys, mother-in-law to two great gals, and Grandma C. to two boys, with a third grandson on the way just born!

3 thoughts on “6 Ideas for Quick Kansas Getaways {Staycation}

  1. Melinda Schnyder says:

    Nice post. Did you rent the RV through the park or through a company? I didn’t realize there was an option to have it set up for you!

    As for suggestions…staying within your theme of budget travel in Kansas, I would recommend festivals in some of the state’s smaller towns. They are often free or very low cost for an entire day of activities. I just posted something about events on/around the Fourth of July holiday: http://www.nextdoortonormal.com/2014/06/range-map-places-to-see-fourth-of-july-fireworks-shows/.

    This one isn’t free but one of my favorite Kansas museums is the Martin & Osa Johnson Museum in Chanute. http://www.nextdoortonormal.com/2013/03/tripping-a-safari-museum-in-kansas-yep/

  2. Carolyn says:

    Melinda, those are great! I love your round-up of fireworks and events. I publish one every year with places a little closer to home (Wichita-area). May I link to yours?

    I haven’t visited the Martin & Osa Johnson Museum before, but now it’s on the bucket list. (I think we’ll watch Up before we go!) Thanks for sharing that recommendation. $6 admission is very cheap! 🙂

    As for where we rented the RV, I know that it was a private company and not through the park. We probably did an Internet search to find it, but I wouldn’t rule out calling the park to see if they have a list of companies nearby. (It’s worth a shot, anyway.)

    • Melinda Schnyder says:

      Thanks, Carolyn. Sure, including a link would be great.
      Good idea on contacting the park for a list of services/outfitters. I will have to remember the idea about the RV when I finally get out to spend the night in a state park!

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