5 Tips to Find Time for a Workout {Fitness In The Fall}


By Mindy Young, Blogger of the Month for November

I’m with you. It is HARD to work out in the fall. The air is colder, and it is so easy to get out of your routine when there is so much going on this time of year.

We are all so busy with the holidays and school sports and programs. Not to mention the community activities that we want to attend. How to fit it all in?

The thing is, you CAN fit it all in. The most important piece of advice I give people is to have a positive attitude about fitness and make it a priority in your day. Do you realize that one hour is ONLY 4 percent of your day? Here are some tidbits that help me find time for fitness.

  1. Change it up. That’s right. I’m telling you to change your routine. C’mon – it’s EASY! (insert sarcasm). I know, I love my routine as well, but life happens and your routine gets busted. It’s OK. You just have to plan. Make a plan for the week and find at least 30 minutes a day somewhere to fit in a workout. Changing it up is actually great for your body. Changing up your fitness routine helps to keep you motivated and set new goals, while working different muscle groups and preventing the plateau in the body image results you’re looking for.
  2. Try a group exercise class. If you are usually a lone wolf in the weight and cardio world, start working out with a group. You may be surprised at the friends you make and how group exercise will make you accountable to show up each time. I’ve made many friends in my group exercise classes, and I look forward to attending class each time.
    Zumba Class - Farm Fit Mama
  3. Get up early. There, I said it. There is truly not much that goes on at 5:00 in the morning, so that’s when I feel comfortable leaving my family to get my fitness on. Also, keep in mind that I travel 20 minutes to the gym every other morning, which means I leave around 4:30 a.m. The hardest part is leaving the warm covers of the bed, but it is so worth it. At the end of the workout, I am ready to begin the day.
  4. Put some pep in your step. If shopping will rule your life for the next few weeks of fall, put a little more umph into it. Try power walking, or walking as fast as you can with powerful arms. Or you could try biking around the shopping area of your town. It really gets your heart rate up, and you have your cardio for the day. Try 30 minutes of power walking at the mall while window shopping. You’ll be surprised at how fast the 30 minutes goes, plus you’ll be ready to buy that perfect gift you’ve been eyeing each lap.
  5. Climbing stairs at the airport - Farm Fit MamaMy family and I walk stairs in the airport while waiting for a plane.

  6. Include the family. Plan for a one-hour activity each day that you all can do together. Some examples could be playing football or basketball, going for walks/runs, doing yard work or gardening. This will also make you accountable to find time because the kids will not EVER let you miss a single day!

One thing about fall I love is the changing schedule. This allows for a changeup of my fitness routine and allows me to try new things. I love getting together with family and assisting them with their fitness goals as well. It seems like most people want to master fitness next year, and now is the most perfect time to start. Remember – a one-hour workout is ONLY 4 percent of your entire day! You CAN find the time.

How will you find the time to work out this fall?

Until next time,

Farm Fit Mama

About Mindy:
Mindy Young is a Rural Life and Wellness blogger from Northeast Kansas who has a passion for fitness, farming, and being a wife and mom. You can find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.